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Inaugurating my blog’s english section (don’t worry my beloved greek readers, I am only writing A FEW of my posts in english), I just want to express how anxious I feel after reading this: Sony to Introduce PlayStation Phone.

I honestly HATE Sony. I have to admit it’s not their fault though. Thing is I have been a Nintendo fan since my dad brought a NES and I just hate how Sony «killed» the brand called Sega and did so many other things, copying Ninty included.

Anyway, the reason I am anxious about the SonyPhone is the fact that I really hope for a failure and a gain:

Wouldn’t that be great if the product itself completely fails? I don’t see how can Sony continue doing things wrongly after such a fail. So they will be eventually (bear in mind that they are already losing a lot from PSP and PS3) forced to return to what they can do well: electronics. That’s the failure I am wishing for.

The gain is another thing: The mobile world is going to benefit from this. I mean, Apple just began participating in this «mobile competition», Google revealed its plans, Nokia is surely doing something good too, a lot of other companies I am not aware of are already planning their next moves and now Sony decides to participate too.

It’s like hearing that another company is about to try its luck in the gaming industry. Wouldn’t this push Ninty, Microsoft and Sony to their creative, producing, marketing, etc limits? Yes, it would…